more than this.

i’ve been champing at the bit for DAYS to post this. there is a novel’s worth of behind the scenes about this, but after 7 long years, a record called more than this by a band called trading yesterday will finally see the light of day on tuesday, september 6, 2011, by way of iTunes and the band’s website. the band’s leader, david hodges, has been my best friend for more than a decade.

through years of fights with labels, band member turnover, and a thousand other hurdles, this album finally finds its way into our hands. it’s an amazing record that i can’t recommend highly enough. but the history, emotion, and heart that are forever tied to this project make it much more special.

a few years ago, when it appeared as if this record would never see a release, mp3s began to circulate the web, so most of you probably already have or have at least heard more than this. so whether this is old hat or if you’re new to this band, please go buy this album—especially if you received it for free back in the day—and support the artists and all of the effort that brought this amazing project to life. you won’t regret it.

we loved the cover (photo by kate hodges) so much, that we blew up the cover and broke it into pieces, had it printed on canvas, and mounted it to the wall of david’s living room. the panels are 7–8 feet tall. a very impressive piece.


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