that one record. okay, those three records.

i’ve always loved music. ALWAYS. it’s a language that i speak when words won’t do, a friend who knows what i’m going through, and a facilitator for moments—be them romantic, spiritual, or creative. it flows through the veins and knows me very well. but what always surprises me is the sheer depth of emotion a song or record can suddenly evoke… reminding me of a place in time, a loved one, etc.

i’ve recently been dealing with the fact that yet another very close friend, a dear brother in every sense of the word, has moved to another city, 700 miles away. in this day and age, we’re never more than a text, email, call, skype, or ichat away from anyone on the planet. but there’s just no substitute for being in proximity to someone… CLOSE to someone. this particular friend was someone with whom i shared my time, my art, and my ministry. he’s a remarkable musician, and we fit together incredibly well stylistically. our taste in rock is also the same… we constantly send each other texts saying, “go listen to whatever song at whatever point… isn’t that sick?!” i love this man with all my heart.

anyway… back to those three records. nothing reminds me more of the time i shared with my friend than:

go from vertical horizon

lemon parade from tonic, and

underneath from the verve pipe.

we would always play songs from these records while we warmed up during band practice. if you’ve don’t own any of these albums, OWN them. all three of them. they’re great, great—and criminally underrated—records on their own… and they’re reminders of an incredibly sweet, valuable, and crucial time in my life. i hope you enjoy them. give a listen to “i’m still here” from go, “open your eyes” from lemon parade, and “only words” from underneath. those three songs, in particular, bring on floods of emotion in me.

here’s to you, AC. i hope we share the stage again soon. and even though i talk to you almost every day, i miss you. love you, dude.


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